Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
1 Corinthians 3:17

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Prom, Sports, Recitals and Sunny Days

It has been hard keeping up here with such busy days, but I'm not giving up...because it's much harder to fill in the gaps afterwards. #truth

Saturday was a big day for me as a Mom. Prom Night!
I'll be honest, the older my kids get, the harder certain things get, but let me tell you, celebrating things like this with them is really, really awesome. 
Nerve-wracking, but awesome. ;)

Earlier in the week, temps skyrocketed to the nineties, which is pretty huge when you're a northerner and it comes out of nowhere- we can't take it! Those few days made for some completely miserable nights, so we were relieved and thrilled at the perfect weather on Saturday.

With my handsome boy 
I don't think he looks like me at all, though he did get his height from my side of the family =)
 He will be eighteen soon. How on earth has that happened?

His date is a lovely girl, and we got to meet her family over the weekend. They are super nice and it was easy talking to them- I had been a little nervous about that part, ha! This is all new territory, as I have been beating off girls with sticks all these years (yes, I am kidding), but he is growing up. Isabelle was in heaven because she has two older sisters, and they doted on her and Levi all while we were taking pictures. They even took selfies with her. She is in love. :)

Isn't her dress gorgeous!? So many elegant and beautiful dresses there, not like the poofy ones that were popular in the nineties.
And for the record, this picture is totally posed - I had to pin on the boutonniere (yup, just had to look up the spelling, ha ha) because nobody else knew how. Well, apparently, neither do I, because the photographer at the prom redid it for him when he saw it up close. He said it was all wrong and he was lucky he hadn't gotten poked! Oops.

 Caleb was at home getting ready for a baseball game, Jonah was getting dinner finished. Or was he? I think that's what was supposed to be happening...

My biggest and my baby. All the heart eyes.

Isabelle wanted a picture with me while I was all fancy, ha ha ha

 The gorgeous weather continued into Sunday for more games and matches.
First up, baseball. I don't like it when sports interferes with church, and it did this day. We dropped Caleb off at the field, went to church for fifty minutes, then split up to come here and to go back home for Levi's nap.

Poor Caleb has been having issues with his back, and they got progressively worse during this game. He couldn't finish pitching or even hitting. Of course, with all our issues with bad coaches over the years, this year he's got great ones, and now he might not be able to keep playing. Ugh. We've been to the doctor's, gotten x-rays to rule out some things, and now will try physical therapy.

And then later in the day, soccer :)
We spent a lot of time outside, working in the yard and playing, over the weekend, and it was so nice. 
There was one thing that made my heart heavy, though. One of my former students from my very first teaching job died two weeks ago, and Sunday was her funeral. I wanted to go but it was pretty far away, and I just couldn't figure out a way. She was a beautiful girl with a beautiful soul, and she and another student often came to visit me at my house all those years ago. They were very special to me. Last year she was expecting twin girls at the same time I was pregnant with Levi, but at 22 weeks, her babies were in distress and had to be born right away, and it was then discovered that she had stage four cancer in several areas in her body. I prayed and prayed for her and those baby girls, and I know God is good all the time, but He did not spare the babies' lives, and that was so hard to take. Her cancer progressed over the next year and there was nothing more to do. I'm heartbroken but glad that she is not suffering here anymore, and that she is now with those sweet girls. Her faith inspired me as she fought cancer so bravely. She will be missed.

Now I'm sitting here a mess, but I have to mention this girl and her piano recital! She was super nervous but she looked cool as a cucumber. I was so proud of her. She did a great job.

No matter how many times I tell her - and all my students when I taught piano- that she can take a moment to adjust the bench, she never does. I guess those nerves take over and they just want to finish. I'm not like that at all- I'm more comfortable on stage than in real life settings sometimes, ha ha.

Caleb also had to miss out on an eighth grade week-long trip. So sad. He was so looking forward to it, poor guy. I didn't feel the slightest bit guilty keeping him out of school - some kids didn't go on the trip and there is a "special program" for them- so we got lunch out and ate it in the park, then walked and played. It was nice to have him all to myself. :)
Let me add: Levi kept tossing his little bits of french fry onto the ground. Whose child is this? We do not waste hot, salty french fries. ha ha

Someone was also not a big fan of the school group that came bounding in hollering and zipping around everywhere. Love that expression. And that tuft of baby hair!!!

And I'm including this pic just because he's so darn cute.

This depicts Levi the Tornado
Oh man, does he ever leave a path of destruction in his wake.

He's also saying new words and his personality is getting larger than life every day. How we love him so.

It looks like more rain is coming, and is expected to last for about a week. Blech. It was fairly pleasant this morning and I met up with a friend for a nice, long walk. Now off for the afternoon welcome home song and dance. ;)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Random Midweek Highlights

I cannot believe how close we are to the end of this school year! I'm ready, but I'm not ready yet, either. I think this is pretty much the same sentiment I have every middle of May, ha.

Last week, Caleb attended a job fair at a local college. He played the part of an aerospace engineer (cool!) and had to pay bills and support a family on his salary, kind of like the game Life. He said he had a great day! Look at how grown up and handsome he is now. Even though I have a baby, I still think of Caleb as my last baby boy. Maybe that makes Levi my bonus baby boy? ;)

 Caleb is still active with his school's Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) group, so every Friday we have our own little before-school routine, and I love it. He pumps gas, grabs a coffee, gives me a sip, and then we drive around for a little while, just talking, before it's time to head to school for his meeting. I'm really going to miss our Friday mornings!

Maybe I posted this earlier? Sorry if I did, I cannot keep a straight thought to save my life lately!
I realized I have been working a lot more and playing with him a lot less these days, so we grabbed some lunch for a picnic on this rare sunny day. Someone liked McD's French Fries...oh wait, it was Wendy's because I got their wrap...regardless, definitely a fan. :)

We dropped Isabelle off for piano and headed to the little playground to swing, but then needed some shade- we aren't used to the hot sun yet. His look sums up the confused feelings he has towards grass. ha ha ha  It seems to be a love-hate relationship right now.

And every single time we get in the car, this whole game begins.
 ...and two
You can see why I don't bother with shoes. I don't mind losing the occasional sock out and about, but I can't handle losing shoes. Good thing the weather is improving!

I got a handle on orders and wanted to make something fun for Isabelle. This top sewed up so quickly, and it's super cute, so I surprised her after school. She loves it! I have to remind her that it isn't the best thing to wear the same top three days in the same school week, especially since you're basically pulling it out of the hamper at that point. ;)
Those sleeves!
Isn't it adorable!?!
 My little girl is not so little anymore. Such a beauty, inside and out.

Time to move All The Things from underneath the sink. Enough said.

I think Levi is wearing blue and green in all these much for not repeating, right?
Since I swapped the table and chairs from the sun room to the kitchen, we've been spending lots more time out here now. It's a fun little space to be in, and my sewing set up is right next door, so it works out well.

My Mother's Day roses and a pretty morning.
Once the leaves fill in, the sun won't flood in here like this, so I'm basically in love with this scene. There's just something special about early mornings, the stillness and quiet, before everyone else is up and moving.

Speaking of Mother's Day, my Mom and me when I was about six.
Sunday wasn't the best day, for lots of different reasons. That's life, I guess. They can't all be fabulous days, even the ones you want to stand out as such.
More light obsessed mornings.
From last week- I wrote a novella on IG about this particular scene, maybe a slightly different picture, so I'm not going to repeat it here. You're welcome. =)
Also, I can't bring myself to put the curtains back up after removing them to paint. Do you have to have window coverings up or can you leave them plain? I'm currently undecided, but leaning towards plain.

Last week I shared my tortellini with Levi and I couldn't shovel it onto his tray fast enough. Since he has been under the weather and kind of moody this week, I figured I'd delight him with more.
And he proceeded to toss every single morsel over the edge and into the dog's mouth. Wouldn't even put one piece in his mouth. Man, babies are fickle creatures!

This was yesterday afternoon, the first day we'd seen any sun- or milder temps- in about a week. 
He kept his foot up in the air the entire time, ha ha. Ignore the mess of a yard all around him- we're working on it, slowly but surely. And landscaping is not cheap, even all the DIY stuff we do!

Minus the pesky bugs, yesterday afternoon was the stuff motherhood dreams are made of. Fresh air never felt so good.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ten on Ten :: May 2017

With baseball, soccer, school stuff, running a small business, and well, LIFE, it has been a busy week! But I'm so glad I've remembered to document the tenth day of every month this year. I think it's so neat to look back and reread these posts because they really capture our days. Always something wonderful and beautiful to be found in the ordinary moments.

Levi woke up the first time around 10 pm, and after trying to console him for a long while- without success- he ended up in our bed. An elbow kept jabbing me all night, and then a random smack right across my face. Um...thanks, buddy. I couldn't sleep from about midnight till three, but at least he was quiet. Normally I'm up at 4:00, but today it was a bit later and the sun was just coming up- when the trees leaf out in a few weeks, I won't see the sun rising anymore. So I'm savoring it now.

It's Donut Wednesday, and this week, we had the good stuff :)
I don't even remember when this tradition started, but then it morphed into Donut & Coffee Wednesday, and it stuck. I skipped it entirely one week and I was so bummed because then I actually had to think about what to make for breakfast. Duh. ha ha

I may not have slept, but he did...once he was in my bed. He sure was a happy camper this morning. I wonder if donuts had anything to do with that...

I'm working on a new landscaping project in our front yard. Levi wouldn't stay put on the blanket I spread out for him, complete with tons of toys, so I plopped him in the jogger for a few minutes while I worked. He still loves it when I sing to him, and that keeps him quite content for a long while. Then, when he's done, he's DONE. Time to toss in some laundry and clean up a bit before nap time.

I was relieved when he laid down without protest today.
I haven't been able to make myself finish painting the last coats on the doors and trim inside, so I decided to put a new coat on one of our back doors. Weird, right? It looks nice, but the doors and trim bug me every.single.time I go upstairs, so I have got to finish!

All dressed and fed and ready to head out. But first, a picture to send to Daddy and big brothers at school. Because that's what you do when you're this cute. ha ha

I've been on the hunt for a cherry tree and I fiiiinally found one that's the right shape and size. Look at this stud muffin with one hand on the wheel and one arm out the window. I die of cuteness. It was his very first time riding in the Big Boy wagon! I don't think I'll put him in it again for a few more weeks- it was a little big for him and he kept sliding down. :/

Trying to get more steps in so we parked all the way across the lot. On IG, I posted some fun pictures of trying to load up a tree inside the van. Good times. We finally managed, but someone did not want to pose with me.
Then we ran into the store for some pastry treats for my Mom and Dad, since it's their anniversary. I held Levi and figured it would be a quick in-and-out kind of trip. I was wrong. Ugh, some people... ha ha

Someone thought he was just hilarious reaching out to touch the branches when I was yelling at him to "just look, just look!" from the front seat. Note the torn leaves, HA.
 And it's all smiles and giggles when the car becomes a jungle.
Until it falls over and dangles over your head. #momfail #hesfine
I'm slowly but surely adding some fun things to my new shop for little boys, dash & dapper.
I finished these adorable shorties bloomers last night and wanted to get some pictures taken before it got too dark tonight. Love this fun print!
 Especially on those cute legs!

Caleb had baseball practice and Ethan was at the gym and doing some school things, so the four of us headed up to my parent's house to wish them a happy anniversary. 48 years! I love that my kids see their grandparents all the time. Levi was in a really good mood, too, so he put on quite the show for everyone- it's so fun watching my Dad interact with him. He sure keeps him young!

And then it was time for bath and bed, and hanging out together for a bit, only Levi was just crying and it isn't even 9 o'clock. Oh man, we might be in for it again tonight. I'd better head up there...wish me luck!

It was a low-key day, but such a good one. Hope yours was too. :)
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